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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street

First of all, we need to make sure this doesn't turn into another G20 protest where it's all just hippies and anarchists and general liberal types doing all the protesting.  We need get the conservatives involved and make sure they know this is THEIR fight, too.  We have common enemies now: Wall Street and the government that enables them.  BOTH sides have begun to recognize that neither party really serves them but instead serve Wall Street.  The dirty dom-sub relationship between Wall Street and K Street has been put on display and it's finally sinking in to those on the right.

I don't think we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater and rewrite the Constitution.   I think a few drastic changes can fix everything­. We need campaign finance reform. Nothing else gets fixed until we get Wall Street out of politics. We need publicly financed elections and we need to severely punish Congressma­n caught accepting bribes. We also need national ballot-ini­tiatives so the people can decide a few things for ourselves and have a voice in the system beyond electing representa­tives. We need to get rid of the ideas that corporatio­ns = people and money = speech.

Perhaps the first thing we should do is figure out what we agree on. I think most of us agree that neither party really serves us anymore. I think most of us agree it's been corrupted by Wall Street. Most of us want millionair
es and billionair­es to pay higher taxes and/or stop using tax havens and loopholes. Most of us want pot legalized at least for medicinal use. Most of us are now okay with gay marriage. We HAVE TO unite around the things we agree on and form an official organizati­on based on THAT.

It's odd, (I JUST noticed this now) how anti-government conservatives are turning against the corporations while anti-corporate liberals are turning against the government.  Funny.

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