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Friday, November 30, 2012

Don't Tag Me Bro!

If employers are going to go snooping around our Facebook profiles uninvited, at some point, they're going to have to decide how many pictures of drunken shenanigans is too many. By that I mean, most people on Facebook have at least a few photos or other wall posts they'd rather their bosses not see. Some might have a warped sense of humor or a penchant for going on political rants. If employers are going to fault job candidates for every questionable thing they post on Facebook, they're going to wind up with a rather small pool of Puritans to choose from and all the jobs will go to the most boring people on the planet. Otherwise we're all just going to have to never post anything fun on Facebook and what's the point of going on Facebook if you're not allowed to post the occasional filthy limerick or some questionably homo-erotic photos of that time you and your friends decided to turn Twister into a drinking game.

Another thing to think about is the fact that many of these potential employers will, themselves, have some embarrassing things posted on THEIR Facebook walls. Your future boss can't very well hold those frat party photos against you if he or she has several photos on their wall of them doing a keg stand while dressed as a nun. Personally, I think if an employer wants to see MY Facebook profile, I should get to see THEIRS. Maybe I'd like to know what sort of bell-end I'm asking to work for. Maybe I want to see a background check on THEM. It's only fair. Let me see THEM half naked, passed out win a pool of their own puke with a cock and balls drawn in permanent marker on THEIR foreheads.

I wish I could start a NEW social networking site. One where the bosses aren't invited and the background checkers aren't allowed. Anyone who runs a company big enough to afford background checks can fuck right off. Yes, nothing to see here, Mr. Grenick. Go back your office and finish deleting all the porn off your browser history, you lifeless child-stalker.

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